Against Us

by | Dec 15, 2001 | 0 comments

Why do we feel like everyone is against us? 
In times of doubt, life feels empty 
People watch us day by day 
Blank expressions on their face 
Why do we feel like everyone is against us? 

Happiness comes 
Security grows 
Confidence blooms 
Our light glows 
But are you happy with who you are? 
Or do you shelter yourself oh so far? 
Why do we feel like everyone is against us? 

Day to day, we hope and pray 
Life will improve, but will that do? 
The world is what you make of it 
Embrace it, love it, grow within it 
How do you start over when things seem rough? 
Why do we feel like everyone is against us? 

Through the dark, there is always light 
Struggle to improve, and do what’s right 
The reward is grand, soon you’ll understand 
You hold the key to the master plan 
You will survive and prevail 
Just stir up the dust! 
Why do we feel like everyone is against us?

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