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Her life gets rocked one day in June
Everything she knows turns to gloom
The past is gone, the present a cloud
What the hell does she do now?

She meets new friends
She ties loose ends
She moves to a new place
A city with fresh space

Her family is close
Her life is stalled
She sits in shock and often awe
Still not sure what it is she saw

A new face enters her life
A disrupting force in the night
He leads her down a new path
We’re afraid she won’t come back

Family is worried for just cause
Family is worried because of what we saw
The stories we hear worry our mind
We turn our heads and pretend we’re blind

She explains she’s lost and lonely
But chooses the one who is phony
Her children sit by and patiently wait
Her children sit by and hope she’ll awake

When all this challenge in life is through
We hope she’ll survive and see what’s true
We’re here for her to help her mend
Our love for her will never end

Photo by Liza Summer

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