I Wonder

by | Dec 9, 2002 | 0 comments

I wonder what it feels like to be loved
To be held by another, I wonder 

Every night I lay and wonder, wonder when my time will come
Wonder, wonder why I feel alone
Tears on my cheeks, I wonder 

All the years that pass, I wait, I watch, I see what I desire
The passion from others, I wonder
What do I do, just sit and wait, letting my loneliness put out my fire 

Through my life I’ve had success
Material items only is what I possess
Would I give up what I have, you bet
To feel what it’s like to be loved, I wonder 

Will I know what love is before I die?
Will I only see it others eyes?
Will I know before I’m old, before I lie down for my last night, my last breath?
I wonder 

I have so much love to give in my heart
To give that to someone is all I want
For him to appreciate me, love, and hold me
To know his heart races like mine, just by one touch, one kiss
I wonder 

I wonder what will be in the future
Will I find a soul mate, will I find anyone, or will he find me?
Will I know when that handsome face comes along?
Or will my fire be out because it’s been so long?
I wonder 

Happiness and joy I hope for dearly
To say I love you and feel it entirely
Only to hear in return and know he means it
To look in his eyes and see so clearly
I wonder  

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