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When it comes to the gay community it’s well known that men of all ages strive to take care of themselves as best as possible.  I mean let’s face it, women and straight men turn to gays for advice on clothing and grooming when they are at a complete loss.  Okay, to be fair, there are definitely a few of our family out there that have no business or knowledge in this area and would probably be best avoided if you need assistance making yourself more desirable.

In our society today it is totally acceptable for men, both gay and straight, to keep their bodies groomed.  This includes trimming their chests and pubic region of excessive hair that can impede or be a nuisance during intimate encounters.  However, there is a topic of discussion that is often avoided, skirted around or insinuated that needs to be addressed more directly.  It’s alright that your eyebrow just raised slightly – let me explain.

If you watch television at all you will see numerous commercials that are sexual in nature showing hot guys all sweaty but still smelling great because they use something like Axe products.  If you listen to XM Sirius OutQ Radio, you will hear a commercial about Fresh Balls as well.  Of the two, Fresh Balls makes it pretty clear what the purpose of the product is and why they’re advertising it.

Alright boys, it’s really simple, even if you shower once or twice daily, your groin is going to get musty at some point because it’s hot down there.  But why don’t we give as much attention to that region as we do our armpits?  Perhaps it’s because more people have contact with our exposed upper body and there’s less barrier to prevent noses from picking up on a bad scent.  What about that moment when your partner or in some cases a hookup decides to explore your manly region and parts?  Do you really want to worry about not being completely fresh down there?  Maybe you’ve never really gave it much thought since most people are hesitant to say anything to you about it.

The goal is to make you aware that you need to keep your junk and the area around it clean at all times.  There are many ways to do this and I’ll give you a list of products and ideas for keeping genitals ready to devour!

First, consider using a body wash that has odor control such as products from Lume or Fresh Body.  This product is for men and works great at keeping all manly scents under control for several hours.  Second, keep your pubic hair trimmed short in all areas of your groin because hair holds odor.  If there’s less hair that means less odor, plus it looks nicer too!  Third, consider using a product like Fresh Balls if you want more odor control.  After your shower, dry off, put some in your palm and apply it around your groin and between your legs.  It’s an all day product that is very effective at controlling musk and odor.  Fourth, use Axe body spray or something similar to control any unwelcome scents.  Axe body spray is effective, but you should wait a few minutes after your shower to apply it or you will find yourself experiencing unwelcome heat in your groin area.  This is the curse of aerosol products being sprayed on or around the genitals.  Last but not least, use stick deodorant on your groin.  I say stick because the gel can cause some to develop a rash on their sensitive boy parts.  After a shower, rub your stick deodorant around the penis, next to both sides of the testicles, and apply between your legs around your taint.  Use your hand to rub it all in and you’re set for hours of odor control and dryness in your undies.  The only downfall to using deodorant in your pubic region is it can cause an unpleasant taste for the person going down on you, especially if they do so too soon after you apply it.

There it is all spelled out for you men out there, gay or straight!  Be aware and keep your twig and berries clean and it’ll keep your boyfriend or partner coming back for more, or staying down there even longer!

For more information, visit the websites below!

Lume Body Care

Fresh Body

SiriusXM Progress Channel 127

Axe Body Spray

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