Walmart Price Gouging

Walmart Price Gouging

Today I decided I would visit the local Walmart to buy a Carbon Monoxide Detector for my apartment. I’m sure I’m not the only one, but I launched the Walmart app on my phone to search for products “In-Store” so I could see what is available.

I found the one I wanted for about $27 and some change. I head to the store and start toward aisle L14 to find my product. I notice the price on the shelf is $43 and some change! I went ahead and grabbed it and headed to the front to checkout, assuming they would price match. They refused!

It gets better! The worker at self check-out points to my phone and says, “look, it says price when purchased online!” I was aware of that but the issue I had is their refusal to price match. I could order the product through their app and pick it up in the same store in 2 hours for $27. She said, “go head and do that then.”

Why would Walmart put a customer through this kind of inconvenience? Why not just price match the item and save me two hours of my day? I decided to search Google and I found numerous articles about *Walmart price gouging.

A lot of people probably shop through the Walmart app to see what is available in their local store and then go to the store to buy it assuming the price will be the same. They head to the checkout and pay for everything without price checking, and end up paying way more than they should have. I happened to be paying attention because I only went to pick up five small things today and not a cart full of products. Needless to say, I put everything back and took my business to Target across the street.

It’s shady business practice, poor customer service, and a way to pad profits by scamming unsuspecting customers. In fact, there’s a class action lawsuit filed in Ohio again Walmart for discrepancies between online and in-store pricing.

Shame on Walmart!

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Sick Workers

Sick Workers

Coughing and sneezing, they come to work each day,
Ailing and weary, but still they must stay.
Their colleagues around them, unaware of the threat,
Of germs they are spreading, with every breath.

They push through the pain, for the sake of the team,
But little do they know, they are causing a scene.
Their sickness is spreading, like wildfire at night,
Leaving others to suffer, from morning till night.

They think they are helping, by not taking a break,
But the cost is too high, for the health they forsake.
So let us remind them, to stay home and rest,
And protect our community, from this endless pest.

For though we may work, in sickness and health,
Our duty is to ourselves, and to those around us as well.
So next time you’re feeling, a bit under the weather,
Do us all a favor, and stay home altogether.

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch

This poem is an example of the AI technology powered by ChatGPT.

Read 52 Books!

Read 52 Books!

I think I came across a post on #Mastodon about “The 52 Book Club“, so I thought I would share it with anyone else that might be interested since we’re starting a new year.

The challenge each year is to read 52 books in 52 weeks composed of 52 different categories! There’s a 2023 guide on the website with categories and books to pick from, so it takes out the hard part of searching out books to read. Once you find a book, read it, and then check it off of your list. They also have some pretty neat templates so you can post on social media about your progress.

Comment below if you think you’ll give the challenge a try this year.

Make sure to use #the52bookclub2023 #the52bookclub when you post anything.

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Photo by Mark Cruzat

Windows Not Showing Country Flags

Windows Not Showing Country Flags

I enjoy designing websites but I recently discovered that Windows doesn’t like to display country flag emojis. They seem to work fine with Apple products, but there’s some issue that Microsoft seems to be avoiding but not including the flags.

There’s a work around if you design websites and want to display flags like I have done on my homepage.

I use Divi by ElegantThemes so the workaround is pretty easy to implement!

  1. Visit and follow the instructions. I used the CDN script and it works perfectly. In Divi go to “Theme Options > Integration” and add the script to the < head > section.
  2. Now you need to add your flags to it’s own property. I used a “Full Width Header” on my homepage, so it has “Subtitle” box where I put all of my flags.
  3. Once you do this, go to “Fullwidth Header Settings > Advanced > Custom CSS > Subtitle” and enter font-family: “Twemoji Country Flags”;

That is it! Once you save everything, the flags will miraculously appear! It’s pretty silly we have to go through all of this trouble so all users can see the country flags, but it’s better than seeing the two letters instead.

Below is the script code that you need to use in Step 1 above.

<script type="module" defer>
  import { polyfillCountryFlagEmojis } from "";

If you want to follow the full directions from the source website, please check out the GitHub for Country Flag Emoji Polyfill.

The Last Time

The Last Time

She leans in and kisses his lips
It’s the last time she’ll see him like this.

So strong and brave to the grave
It’s the last time she’ll see him this this way.

She puts a note in his coat
His condition worsens
Pale skin, debilitated, he’s ventilated.

All alone she waits and cries
Until the call that changes it all
He takes his last breath
With the note laying on his chest.

Meeting you was the best
I never had any regrets
Only that it was you and me
Instead of a family of three.

Forever you are my love
One day I’ll join you up above

She falls to her knees and begins to weep
Not knowing what will be

One thing is for sure
As she sits on the floor
He’ll never know about the child to be bore.

From heaven above
He’ll watch and guide
As his little one lives and thrives.

Photo by Fusion Medical Animation on Unsplash