Watch Yourself

Watch Yourself

Blood oozes from her head as she grips the doorknob in her second floor bathroom. The lock is
impossible to reach as his steps get closer to the door. “Open the door, now,” is all she heard this
mystery man say. Amanda, an elementary school teacher, fought in her mind trying to make sense
of this moment. His foot smashes against the door. She screams! Again and again he attempts to
force his way into the small room. A man in all black breaches the door to her safe place. He stands
over her, chest rising and falling as he attempts to catch his breath. He watches her but says
nothing. Her screams pierce the silence in the house but no one is there to help. Amanda squints
and studies this stranger who damaged her so quickly. He takes a step closer, raises his arm and
prepares to plunge the blade of the knife through her pale flesh. “It’s you, you from the store! I
didn’t mean to steal your parking space, I swear!” Silence fills the tiny room and he watches her
soul vanish, just as he is about to do. He sweeps his forearm across his brow, tugs at his belt,
turns, and disappears into the night.

Photo by Donald Tong