Standing There

Standing There

Content Warning – Explicit Lyrics

I saw you standing there in the dark 
So perfect, so statuesque, my heart stopped 
That figure so perfect, so still, so true 
Did I meet a person like you? 

Are you human, I ask myself? 
Someone so beautiful, I’m beside myself 
You’re still standing there in the dark 

Not a woman but a man 
The one I’ve always wanted, take my hand 
Pull me next to you, so I can feel you 
Touch you, caress you, my body against you 
Skin so soft, I’m shocked, still standing there in the dark 

You’re so mysterious and secretive 
I don’t know you because you hide 
Trust me and let me inside 
Confide in me for I am the one 
Trust in me for I will never run 
Away from you is time stood still 
I love you now and always will 

Stop hiding in the dark 
Step into the light, into my heart 
This time it’s right 
Come with me and you’ll understand 
I’m the man who will hold your hand 

The candle by my bed, I light 
I can see your face so bright 
That smile is like a dream come true 
I take you with me and say I love you 

On top of me your body trembles 
I’ve never felt someone so nervous 
I hug you tight so you’ll feel safe 
Forever yours, sweet love we’ll make 

I feel your hands run up and down my sides 
I tense up, grab your shoulders, place it inside 
You arch your back and thrust so deep 
I scream in passion from your exotic heat 

Such rhythm, such beauty, I hold you tight 
The most awesome love all through the night 
Our bodies have become one 
You quiver and shake as you start to cum 
I never felt such heat between two men 
This once in a lifetime love can never end 

Six months later you come to me 
Tell me you loved me, but it’s just a thing 
Your own special way is what I hear you say 
I deserve so much better, you push me away 
I did nothing wrong but give you my heart 
Now I’m the one left standing there in the dark. 

(Purpose: This poem is based on a personal experience in my life. A relationship I sincerely believed in years ago, ended without much warning, so I felt I should write about it.) 

Photo by Victor