Dark Eyes

Dark Eyes

When you look into my eyes, what do you see? 
A light of hope, or the dark sea? 
Do you wonder what I feel inside? 
Do you think about what makes me cry? 

Does my strength run as deep as my soul to God? 
Can my weakness be as obvious as the North Star? 
Embrace me tightly, will I crumble in your arms? 
Or will I push you away in fear of harm? 

Mixed emotions race through my heart and mind 
Someday comfort I hope to find 
Is my curse to be alone, to support the others falling from the throne? 
I feel like it’s the past, hostile and cold, while the world throws at me a vicious stone 

Put your hand against my heart 
Feel the life that lies beneath; feel me breathe, so torn apart 
The haze life keeps makes it hard to bare 
But I move on, rarely aware 

Who will I become, an old bitter man? 
Will I share my triumphs in life with them? 
Does home stay so desolate and so cold? 
Will it one day be filled, and happiness unfold? 

Only God knows what the plan is for me 
To succeed, to fail, to be set free 
A mission for happiness is what I have 
Be it alone or partnered 
Never will I be sad 

Photo by Ali Tareq on Unsplash



What happens when you take a step back and look at your life? 
Do you see things clearly or run in fright? 
Where have you gone from where you were? 
Is everything the same or just some blur? 

I often contemplate my purpose in this world, being one small person among so many 
How can I make a difference, that’s what I ask myself? 
Does God have my life plan laid out, and do I fail to follow it? 

If I open my eyes and accept what I have, will that make me happy or even more sad? 
There are nights I lay alone, eyes blurred with tears, wondering where I went wrong 
Have I made myself better just for me, or is it to rid my heart of being lonely? 

When will another see me for me, not just the silhouette off in the trees 
Know me, love me, and understand me. Judge me not, fear me not 
I’m a child of God, full with the give of love 
Use me oh Lord for your good deeds, but show me the reason for each of these 

All of us have been made in the eye of God, the perfect creator that’s so close, yet so far 
He loves each one of us truly, who am I because of his duty? 
I was blessed with a kind heart and soul, to guide others down the path of gold 
Is it really punishment to be alone, or will this be part of the plan to bring me home? 

Cure my emptiness with the company of friends, and make me feel special again. 
Stop the tears that roll from my eyes, and fill my heart with joy and pride 
Being to me a companion to share, to love and cherish and always be near 

When I look in the mirror I see such improvement from who I was then, now and future. 
God has guided me in a direction of rewards, to show me my path is actually pure. 
I wake up each day with a smile on my face, ready to tackle the test of fate. 

Is this the day my true love will come?
I don’t look, panic, or run.
Each day will be a new battle of strength and will
To put God on top and get behind the wheel.

Photo by Egg thing