My Life, Pure, Simple

My Life, Pure, Simple

Mind races, pits of hell
Search the soul, that’s not for sale
Who can tell what one can feel
Deep inside, past the steel 

I look around at what I have, material items, oh so sad
A house so empty, limited life, rarely occupied, that’s not enough
To fill this room with something wonderful would make me glad
What the hell happened to spin this world in circles
My life, pure, simple 

I hold the reins tight to my heart, but my strength gives way, then I fall apart
My heart races when I think about what lies in my future
A dark tunnel with no light, walking blindly along
My life, pure, simple 

Tonight it occurred to me how overwhelmed I feel
Everything is happening at once, and I can’t sit still
Before I lose my mind, I take a drive
Sit back, relax and feel alive 

For a moment everything seems just fine, when the wind blows against my face
So wonderful and great, what a steal
My life, pure, simple 

Misconception of the rules, nothing about this life is pure and simple
I can’t explain the way I feel
Just write about it before I’m ill
My life, pure, simple

Photo by Stefan Stefancik