No Fear

No Fear

My life has so much joy
Ever since I met you boy
The happiness we share
Finally, no fear

Day after day, we laugh, we play
We kiss, we cuddle
We love each other, I want to cheer
Finally, no fear   

I look forward to your call
I look forward to your hug
I look forward to your kiss
These things I miss
To have you here
Finally, no fear   

The sky may be gray
But in my arms you lay
Everything bright as day
The sweet things I hear you say
A new relationship to start the year
Finally, no fear   

Photo by Kourosh Qaffari

Happy Times

Happy Times

A new year upon us
Can you believe this?
Will I be blessed with the perfect kiss 

I won’t be alone
I’ll share it with you
How exciting it will be
Because I love you 

It’s a great feeling to be able to share
It’s awesome to know how much you care
It’s great to know I am loved
I’ve been blessed from up above 



There’s a dark place we’ve all been
It’s cold and lonely with very few friends
A day that seems to last forever
Can you emerge from this endeavor? 

Many I have met
Many I have gotten to know
But after many days, I realize they’re all show 

They tell you what you want to hear
Whisper sweet nothings in your ear
Only to end up full of themselves
Trying to get something, not caring about anyone else 

Emerge from this life
Do not settle for less
Be patient within yourself
A day will come, and you’ll be blessed 

Emerging happiness
Escaping fear
Emerging victory
Now everything’s clear 

I have survived, and I have won
Emerging from the dark
Step into the sun 

Photo by Ali Naderi

First Meeting

First Meeting

You came into my life with unexpected force 
You took my breath away with one look 
I felt your embrace around my waist 
My heart began to race 

The sparkle in your eyes, the smile on your face 
Everything about you is perfectly in place 
My heart began to race 

Time I spent with you is unforgettable 
Every second of the day I hold on to tight 
I’ll never forget the first night 
My heart began to race 

You pull me into your arms so tight 
I felt secure for once in my life 
I don’t know why you have this power 
Being around you is like a spring shower 
Everything’s so fresh, so clean, so new 
You made believe that my desire could come true
My heart began to race

All that I want in a person you hold 
Only to have that before I turn old 
From the time we say goodbye 
Until the next time we say hi 
I feel the difference you can make in my life 
The excitement, the fun, the pleasure 
My heart began to race 

How do I know so much so soon 
How do I know this before I know you? 
Is it a feeling I have, or a desire I want 
Do I trust my instincts up front? 
My heart began to race 

Should I share this with you right now? 
Should I hide this where it can’t be found? 
The risks I take to share my thoughts 
Will he run away or will he stay 
My heart began to race 

Is there a future that is waiting to appear? 
Is this a learning experience of which I fear? 
Time will tell, that I am for sure 
All I can hope is that this is pure 
My heart began to race

Photo by Designecologist

Happy Times

I Wonder

I wonder what it feels like to be loved
To be held by another, I wonder 

Every night I lay and wonder, wonder when my time will come
Wonder, wonder why I feel alone
Tears on my cheeks, I wonder 

All the years that pass, I wait, I watch, I see what I desire
The passion from others, I wonder
What do I do, just sit and wait, letting my loneliness put out my fire 

Through my life I’ve had success
Material items only is what I possess
Would I give up what I have, you bet
To feel what it’s like to be loved, I wonder 

Will I know what love is before I die?
Will I only see it others eyes?
Will I know before I’m old, before I lie down for my last night, my last breath?
I wonder 

I have so much love to give in my heart
To give that to someone is all I want
For him to appreciate me, love, and hold me
To know his heart races like mine, just by one touch, one kiss
I wonder 

I wonder what will be in the future
Will I find a soul mate, will I find anyone, or will he find me?
Will I know when that handsome face comes along?
Or will my fire be out because it’s been so long?
I wonder 

Happiness and joy I hope for dearly
To say I love you and feel it entirely
Only to hear in return and know he means it
To look in his eyes and see so clearly
I wonder