Life is like a rollercoaster 
Rising high into the sky 
Feeling free with every breath 
Never afraid to take the next step 

The slow rise to the top is worth waiting for 
Until the big drop down 
Like the speed of light, you race down the track 
Now there’s no way to go back 

You swing through curves 
Fly through loops 
The debt collector calls 
You think of a dupe 

When all is said and done 
The ride comes to an end 
You’re out of breath and feel so lost 
There’s plenty of sun, you look around 
To see you’re back where you began 

At the bottom of the track you look high in the sky 
Wondering if you dare to take the ride 
A deep breath, and hope for the best
You want to cry as you rise into the sky

Photo by Mark Asthoff on Unsplash

Careless Crumble

Careless Crumble

As a child we grow and play
Color blind, universal love
Little drama, little pain
No shed of blood 

Spend your time as a small soul
Observing the world, learning to grow
Released as a young adult, to make a choice
But still few hear your voice 

The eighties pass, nineties advance
We feel somewhat strong, in past tense
Teenage years, happiness, tears
Emotional turmoil, maturity comes, high school years
But we graduate with many fears 

World unraveling, tension grows
Violence prevails, stories told 

Millennium comes, terror begins
Revelations says the world shall end
Us against the world, a nation under God
Taking over, demolition
What exactly is coalition? 

Nuclear power, biological weapons
No one here has learned a lesson
Two towers that stood so tall
We stand by and watch them fall 

We will be the end of us
World power gone corrupt
Turning nations abroad against us 

We should have listened, we should have heard
But higher powers follow Lucifer
Keep on this path, we’ll feel the wrath
One final blow will let us know
We should have never begun the show Once a day of birth
We will be the end of earth

Photo by Christian Erfurt on Unsplash