Beautiful heart 
Beautiful mind 
Beautiful flesh 
This, I find in you 

Kindness, sincerity 
Loving and true 
This, I find in you 

Tender touch 
Sweet caress 
How I want to feel your breath 
On my neck, I can’t feel blue 
This, I find in you 

Eyes that sparkle 
A smile so cute 
Personality so real 
This, I find in you 

Featured Image Photo by Flávio Santos 

I Love You

I Love You

With cheeks bright red
I bury my head
By your side
I’m bashful with pride
I love you 

You ask what’s wrong
I say nothing but smile
Being with you is worthwhile
I love you  

A tender caress
With every breath
I whisper in your ear
I love you

A smile in return
A Twinkle in your eyes
You knew what I was going say
The heart never lies
I love you

We embrace each other tightly
Share a moment
A new beginning today
As we lay
I love you

I Love You

I Fear

The dark, the unknown
Tomorrow, next week
Next year, I fear

Your anger, your pain
The day you leave
Your tears, I fear

My choices, my paths
My health, my class
The next beer, I fear

The next song you play
You touch me in that way
Loss of eyes and ears, I fear

The day I die
The gate when I arrive
Denial to enter here, I fear