Don’t look at me
Don’t talk to me
Don’t know me
Don’t try me

Don’t act like you care
Don’t try to be there

Don’t give me that look
Don’t read me like a book

Don’t hug me
Don’t kiss me
Don’t touch me
Don’t love me

Don’t act like you understand
Don’t try to hold my hand

Don’t tell me my heart will heal
Don’t tell me it’s not a big deal

Don’t invade me
Don’t persuade me
Don’t mess with me
Don’t test me

Don’t pretend you’re in my shoes
Don’t assume that I love you

Don’t question my faith and fitness
Don’t because it’s none of your business

Don’t be afraid of the new me
Don’t try to rip away at me
Don’t worry about the God in me
Don’t focus on the He in me

Photo by Arthur Brognoli