The Last Time

The Last Time

She leans in and kisses his lips
It’s the last time she’ll see him like this.

So strong and brave to the grave
It’s the last time she’ll see him this this way.

She puts a note in his coat
His condition worsens
Pale skin, debilitated, he’s ventilated.

All alone she waits and cries
Until the call that changes it all
He takes his last breath
With the note laying on his chest.

Meeting you was the best
I never had any regrets
Only that it was you and me
Instead of a family of three.

Forever you are my love
One day I’ll join you up above

She falls to her knees and begins to weep
Not knowing what will be

One thing is for sure
As she sits on the floor
He’ll never know about the child to be bore.

From heaven above
He’ll watch and guide
As his little one lives and thrives.

Photo by Fusion Medical Animation on Unsplash