Sick Workers

Sick Workers

Coughing and sneezing, they come to work each day,
Ailing and weary, but still they must stay.
Their colleagues around them, unaware of the threat,
Of germs they are spreading, with every breath.

They push through the pain, for the sake of the team,
But little do they know, they are causing a scene.
Their sickness is spreading, like wildfire at night,
Leaving others to suffer, from morning till night.

They think they are helping, by not taking a break,
But the cost is too high, for the health they forsake.
So let us remind them, to stay home and rest,
And protect our community, from this endless pest.

For though we may work, in sickness and health,
Our duty is to ourselves, and to those around us as well.
So next time you’re feeling, a bit under the weather,
Do us all a favor, and stay home altogether.

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch

This poem is an example of the AI technology powered by ChatGPT.